Thursday, July 4, 2013

Coupon Results

And results there are!  I totally jumped in with both feet, which is what she advises against, but I needed to reduce our spending fast. I spent at least 7 hours learning the system and combing this weeks deals. My weekly shop took at least four hours today as opposed to the average two hour shop. BUT I saved a whopping $130 on the purchases I bought. However, ‘you have to spend to save’, is true as I spent at least as much as I normally do but I came home with twice as much and a few stock pile items. So, that $130 saving reflected on the end of my receipts will actually be a much bigger saving in the coming weeks as my purchases become fewer.

Southern Savers, (see last post) has a great system and I needed to watch her very lengthy video to actually get to grasps with it. Basically you stockpile the weekly coupon inserts from the local newspaper to be pulled out and used when prices are at there lowest. Prices follow a six week cycle of high to low selling price. Southern Savers does everything for you. She will take the weekly sales inserts and after finding the lowest buy now prices she will match it to the coupon and tell you where to locate it. I followed this system this week and added a few of my own regular items and amazingly enough my trolley was very balanced.

So onward and upwards. I will continue and I will give you an update in about a months time. Good hunting! DSC_0047



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