Sunday, December 16, 2012

Just In Case I Forgot To Tell You…

Just incase I forgot to tell you…I love these qualities in you!
Hubby has been feeling really low these days and for good reason. As a result his feeling of self worth is depleted.
As a help mate our job is to remind our spouse of their value. To re-affirm the God given qualities that are invested in them. Why? Because our dear ones come under fire everyday and if they buy into the bad press it can be fatal.
When we lose our sense of value we begin to concentrate on the negative voices in our head and pretty soon we are filled with self pity or worse still self loathing. These feelings make us lose site of God and fill us with despair. It’s pretty difficult to function when you reach this place.
By being reminded that we have pretty awesome qualities, we feel esteemed and loved and pretty soon we begin to believe that with God on our side, we have what it takes to go back out there and make a positive contribution.
And one day, who knows, maybe we’ll take over the world!