Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Planting Spuds

I have been busy pulling in some blog posts from other blogs that I had. I decided it was not necessary to keep it all so separate anymore.  Hey, this is me and If you like what you see please make yourself at home. You may also notice the extra tab called Scrapin etc., that is my blog where I keep all my craft related posts so if that interests you pop over and see me there.
Getting ready for planting. Pa tilled the ground and the earth is nice and soft. We planted 50lbs of seed potatoes today.
I cut everyone up so they all had an eye before we dug 6”deep trenches and covered them over. Wew! we didn’t have a machine for that. Interestingly enough I was taught to bury the whole potato in the UK. I will be interested to see how this comes up.
We’ve also set up  a cold frame to start things off so it looks like we are going to have a good summer for veg.

Friday, April 26, 2013

The Little Green Road.

9:30 A.M. and the temperatures are steadily rising. The ground is still wet but the sun is up and it is pleasant. Lilly and I take our little walk down the ‘Green Road’. This is an area of the property that is forbidden to the cows and separated off with a wall of pine and a hedge of bramble. Most mornings all we see and hear are the birds and an occasional rabbit scarpering away.  Bliss. I’ve cried many a tear of thanks on this ‘Little Green Road’. What a beautiful spot.DSC_0045



And yes, the sky really is this blue in SW Virginia!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Strange Attraction To Farm Equipment…It Must Be The Country Air.

Since coming to SW Virginia I’ve had a strange attraction to farm equipment. I find myself whipping out my camera and snapping away. It must be the country air.
I am waiting to snap a picture of the John Deer factory on the way to Bristol. It’s like a car dealer except row after row of Green John Deer toys
This guy even has personality. I think he might even have a name.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Nothing Relaxes Me More Than Operating the Shutter

These days I make it a habit to carry a camera everywhere I go. When I go for my daily walk I take my serious camera (DSLR) and when I have to take a purse I take my little point and shoot. Living on a developing farm there is always lots to see. We have a workshop 50ft x 100ft and it is full of family treasures. We actually call it the magic shop because we can almost always find what we need in there.
We are almost ready to give up on the wood for the furnace as the warmer days are drawing in. Did you notice that old Singer machine in the background.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Spring Is Bursting Out All Over


I love all the Early Spring flowers. They are the sign that the winter is giving way to the Summer. Daffodil, Crocus, and Tulips are all welcome arrivals. My first bunch of flowers from a Sweetheart were Daffodils.


Bee Man is definitely cheered by the site of blossom. That means costly sugar water gives way to nectar.


Oh Happy Day!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Free Range Adolescents

Look at these adolescents all fuzzy and feathery. I love to watch them grow and develop. They get bigger by the day just like my 14 year old.  They are really getting a personality too. Like these ladies peeking out the door at me.

It is interesting to see the coloration come through and it makes me wonder what they will look like fully grown. I am looking forward to that. Pa worked on the hen house today. It has been decided that we will keep them in an area of the magic shop (so called because of it’s expanse and because it seems to produce everything we need around the farm). Pa built in extra little entrances with screens and windows and put in doors and a false ceiling. They need warmth and protection from predators as well as sun and ventilation in the day. Keep them happy and we will have nice extra large, free range, cackleberries before we know it.


Lilly and I walk down at least three or four times a day. Well, Lilly runs and I follow! We are both so fascinated with them that we sit and watch the show.



Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Sunday and Chick Update

Sadly, I am feeling a bit ripped off at the moment. This is our first time to spend the year in Virginia and it has been the coldest March in forever!  Oh well at least that gives hope. AND I have nothing to moan about seeing as my native Brits are braving the worst winter ever!!  So I’ll quite belly-aching and be thankful that at least we get up and down temperatures and not consistent cold. Brrr!

Had a great Sunday Service at our white steepled country Church and then came home for baked ham, mash, sweet potatoes and all the trimmings. The table looked great and made me feel all Springlike.



The Chicks are growing by the day. Pa housed them in the workshop and cut out a little entrance for them to brave the outdoors. They are favoring the heat-lamp indoors at the moment. They are losing there fury chick feathers and staring to get colored feathers. We noticed they are jumping at each other today and beginning to start the pecking order. May the best chick win!