Saturday, April 6, 2013

Free Range Adolescents

Look at these adolescents all fuzzy and feathery. I love to watch them grow and develop. They get bigger by the day just like my 14 year old.  They are really getting a personality too. Like these ladies peeking out the door at me.

It is interesting to see the coloration come through and it makes me wonder what they will look like fully grown. I am looking forward to that. Pa worked on the hen house today. It has been decided that we will keep them in an area of the magic shop (so called because of it’s expanse and because it seems to produce everything we need around the farm). Pa built in extra little entrances with screens and windows and put in doors and a false ceiling. They need warmth and protection from predators as well as sun and ventilation in the day. Keep them happy and we will have nice extra large, free range, cackleberries before we know it.


Lilly and I walk down at least three or four times a day. Well, Lilly runs and I follow! We are both so fascinated with them that we sit and watch the show.



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