Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I Never Grow Tired Of The Scenery.


Since being in Virginia I have been overwhelmed with emotion. I thought that I would be feeling angst, longing, and discouragement after leaving my city dwelling of 16+ years but instead I have felt nothing but what could be described as complete joy.


It usually strikes when I am outdoors when my senses are bombarded with God’s marvelous creation. Virginia has to be one of the most beautiful spots in the world and I have seen quite a few. I never grow tired of the scenery and I see something new every day.


Clean country air coupled with the lack of terminal traffic noises makes the experience one that you want to hold onto for a very long time. I wonder if the folk in Virginia realize what they have in their little piece of heaven.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

And Here The Adventure Begins.


September 2012 we sold it all left our jobs and home and moved continents. Not only did we move continents but we completely traded lifestyles. In our fifties, no less, we completely upped sticks and moved. Are we crazy?, probably, were we desperate?, definitely, are we adventurous and ready to live, you bet ya!

Here are the tales of A City Girl Gone Country.  Born and raised in the West Midlands, U.K,. I would be considered a ‘Black Country Girl’. The West Midlands is known as ‘The Black Country’ due to it’s huge industry and old coal mines and a far cry from the the rural farming area that I have run to.

I had a brief love affair with the countryside when Mum and Dad moved us to a little thatched cottage during my teens but it was short lived. The American dream called Mum and Dad in the 80’s and that is where I met DH in Florida. Oh yes, I love Florida with its sandy beaches and tourist style pace…but DH took me to fields afar off when we joined the mission field in ‘93. Yes I have travelled. I never quite got over the USA however and pined to be back.

In 1996 we landed in London, UK and remained there until last year. It all came to an abrupt end last year when we couldn’t take anymore of the city and had to retire from it all. So where does one go when you have no where else to go? To Ma and Pa’s of course, to the family home in  SW Virginia. And here the adventure begins!IMG_2366