Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Sunday and Chick Update

Sadly, I am feeling a bit ripped off at the moment. This is our first time to spend the year in Virginia and it has been the coldest March in forever!  Oh well at least that gives hope. AND I have nothing to moan about seeing as my native Brits are braving the worst winter ever!!  So I’ll quite belly-aching and be thankful that at least we get up and down temperatures and not consistent cold. Brrr!

Had a great Sunday Service at our white steepled country Church and then came home for baked ham, mash, sweet potatoes and all the trimmings. The table looked great and made me feel all Springlike.



The Chicks are growing by the day. Pa housed them in the workshop and cut out a little entrance for them to brave the outdoors. They are favoring the heat-lamp indoors at the moment. They are losing there fury chick feathers and staring to get colored feathers. We noticed they are jumping at each other today and beginning to start the pecking order. May the best chick win!


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