Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Character of God in Genesis Ch1

Wow this blew my mind.  How much of God we can see in this passage if only we are looking.
First of all He is intentional, He hovers over the formless and empty  face of the deep and He works to change it!
He’s orderly, first he gives light and then dry ground before filling the earth with living things.
He’s disciplined, measuring each day with a new act of creation.
He’s powerful, needing to only speak things into existence.
He’s creative, not only creating species but variations within. Creation was created in “their vast array”
Discerning, with each creation He could see that “it was good”.
He is plural, “Let us make man in our image”
He is an enabler, giving the ability to be fruitful and procreate. Scripture says this is a blessing.
He is a provider, taking care of every physical need. Even rest on the seventh day.
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It comforts me to know that God knows my every need even before I do. It also inspires me to take care of those needs for myself and others. What’s more is that seeing these qualities in My God makes my soul say, “He is good!”
Are there any of these areas in your world that you have not acknowledged the work of God and given thanks?
Does God want to work through you in any of these areas and bless someone else? 
*(I would like to dig deeper into what our image and likeness actually means)

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  1. Our God is an awesome God. I read recently, if God can create the world and universe in 7 days, can you imagine what he can do for us in our lifetime, if we let him. Additionally, as he prepares our home in Heaven, we can't even begin to comprehend how wonderful that will be. Thanks for the thoughts here. ~ Abby