Sunday, July 14, 2013

What A Lady Indeed


I thought I would miss the seasonal flowers in The UK. They announce each season with their beautiful blooms. And if I am honest, I do miss the late winter Crocus and Snowdrop, and the early Spring bluebell! I have been amazed by the parade of flowers in Virginia though. It’s like they pass the baton in a glorious marathon of bloom. This beauty is called Naked Lady because it is all flower and no leaf. What a Lady in deed.


Surrounded by trees I am always concerned about falling limbs and not without good cause. This aged cherry fell across the back of the green lane. Thankfully no one was around to get hurt.


This is a welcomed sight. One of my fave soft fruits. Great in apple and blackberry crumble.


This is our vegie garden. Lot’s going on here!

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