Sunday, May 5, 2013

I Would Do It Again

Being back in the USA means I was able to join in the with the annual Ladies Luncheon at Church. Had a lovely time getting to know people. 


I’m the girl in the pink with my Mother-In-Law next to me in the green.


It was slightly painful. They had chosen a speaker who was a new missionary on her way out. It was hard not to contrast our lives and think of were I was 20 years ago. The sadness of leaving familiar people and places overcome only with the sense of God’s calling and the excitement of what He had ahead of me. Now it is a different kind of sadness. I am coming home except this is not my home. Leaving 16 years of friends and familiar things to start again. It’s a different kind of heartbreak that only a few will know. She will have hers to come. Life never stays the same.

I have no regrets. God’s calling on my life was special. Is special. After all that Christ has done for me I would do it again.

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