Friday, May 17, 2013

Psalm 1, Children’s Lesson Plan

Hello on this beautiful warm and sunny Virginia day. Sorry to my non-Virginia friends, I am not gloating, merely expressing a grateful heart. It’s been a bit of an up and down week as life has pressed in on us this week but it is wonderful to lean on the word of God for encouragement. I have the main core of my kids away from RU tonight (Reformers Unanimous a discipleship ministry focusing on addictions) so I am going to break from the fruits of the Spirit schedule and do something else.
Having meditated on Psalm one this week I thought it a wonderful passage to look at with my kids. I Googled Psalm 1, kids and I was delighted to find a lesson on Ministry To Children. This site doesn’t have a huge bank of resources yet but it does have a healthy start AND it is very well organized which thrills me to no end. (there is nothing worse than the promise of good resources and then you can’t find them)
Here is there
Lesson plan for Psalm 1.
Coloring book download also from the same site (even more thrilled)
For my craft I will draw a tree trunk with branches and then I will let the children finger paint the leaves and fruit. We will write the words I am blessed when I …
and I will write down the exhortations in the first verses of Psalm 1.
Print out from Lesson on Psalm 1
Coloring book master print out for copying
Master drawing of tree base and branches
acrylic paint and paper plates
Master of label for tree craft. ‘Because I do not go the same way as wicked people or hang out with people who find fun in doing evil, and because I find joy in concentrating on God’s word at the beginning and end of my day.’

Irises are in bloom. I love their fragile beauty and they are gone so quickly.


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